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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the Ora Foundation?

The Ora Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the teaching, training and encouragement of the local church in relation to prayer. Donations made to the Ora Foundation are tax deductible and are managed through the National Christian Fund or, in Canada, through Intercessors of Canada.

What is the purpose of the Ora Foundation?

The purpose of the Ora Foundation is to obtain funding to provide grants to the local church so they can utilize cutting edge Ora enabling technology regardless of financial consideration.

Is the Ora Foundation affiliated with any denomination?

The Ora Foundation is a nondenominational organization that is not affiliated with any denomination but grants broadly within the Christian faith.

What is the source of funding for the Ora Foundation?

The Ora Foundation receives its funding from generous individuals, family and corporate donors and their foundations.

Can I submit a grant request?

The Ora Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals. Grants for software licenses are granted based on need and availability through our grant request system ( URL ).

What is the average grant offered?

There are a number of variables to consider, but normally the grant will be sufficient to cover the entire cost of software and membership.

What is the typical profile of a grantee?

The ORA products are designed for the local church, or other Christian ministry, desiring to engage this next generation in prayer through digital technology. Successful applicants will be: (a) Registered and approved by the national taxing authority as a charity (b) Christian based organization.

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